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Gain productivity, lower cost and streamline your legal process
with the #1Contract Management System


World Class Legal Automation

Smarter, affordable legal support by automation and self service


Advanced Contract Management

Manage every aspect of your contracts with powerful contract management tools.


Powerful Analytics & Reporting

Track data and analytics with simple reporting tools and dashboards


Trato facilitates the automation of your businesses legal workflow for the whole contract life cycle. The time savings are massive. It starts with easy /  fast access, your contracts are on the Cloud, You can access any contract in seconds and get to work on self service tools that enable and promote collaboration, negotiation and execution. The time your in house legal team saves frees valuable resources for higher level tasks.

As the cliche is truth; when you save time you save money. Having a modern system for contract management will save your business money. Of course saving money on contract management is a good thing but the real value of TRATO is the system helps your team make better contracts. The hands on nature of the self service collaboration and negotiation tools fosters deeper understanding of the agreements and making better contracts makes better business.

We are so confident that TRATO will improve your legal function work flow that we will give you a 30 day FREE trial. We will also give you a demonstration of the system so you can see how easy and intuitive the system is. Please click the Try Now button below and get started improving your contract management today.

Competitive Advantage

One of TRATO’s competitive advantages is that it allows interested parties to know, without a doubt, that every contract activity (ie, contract versions) in question existed at a particular date and time.

TRATO is a blockchain-based cloud tool that records all activities with a cryptographic timestamp. Your contract lifecycle will guarantee that data existed at some point in time preventing tampering of logs and providing evidence of all activities related to your contracts. 🙂

The Future of Contract Management

A modern content management system focused on contract administration featuring software that automates and simplifies legal processes in a easy user interface.

It’s an obvious evolution but still a revolutionary change of how contract administration and management is performed. The intuitive user interface features self service and collaborative tools that makes contract editing and administration simple.

This moves contract administration more directly into the hands of the contract stake holders and focuses more on outcomes and results than legal interpretation. The end result is a streamlined process that facilitates a greater understanding of the contracts by the stakeholders and importantly saves time and money.by decreasing attorney fees.

Automated Legal Process

  • Contract Management
  • Contract Creation
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Contract Approvals
  • Contract Execution
  • Analytics & Reporting



Contract Management

Cloud based centralized, searchable repository to safely archive and quickly access and administer your contracts.

Contract Creation

Create contracts dynamically with built in compliance with self service tools and clause library access.

Contract Negotiation

Collaborative Authoring tools helps move negotiations forward more efficiently by enabling stakeholders to come to terms.

Contract Execution

E-signature capabilities with Docusign integration for all document types in compliance while mantaining audit trail of all stakeholders signatures.

Reporting & Analytics

Track data on an advanced system that includes all records. Create reports on any aspect of your contracts including risks, counterparties, clauses, end dates and contract values.


Features automatic alerts when contracts are up for renewal or about to expire or require other attention.


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Are You Ready to Automate Your Legal Process?

TRATO will optimize your in-house legal team’s work flow in many ways. The cloud based contract management system safely stores your contracts and makes it easy to search for the documents you need to work on. The collaboration tools make it easy for counterparties to get on the same page and get to mutually beneficial agreements faster. From Compliance to execution your team will benefit greatly from the #1 Contract Management System.

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