Create, manage and analyze your electronic contractsfrom start to finish.

Trato helps you generate smart contracts securely through blockchain technology.

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Use Cases

Trato advantages

Get an edge over your competition by delivering contracts to your clients rapidly, professionally developed, and customized to their needs. Take advantage of our customizable templates and legally compliant electronic signature features.

Trato advantages
Law firms

Demonstrate your ability to be a leading edge firm using our intelligent electronic contracts. Your clients will be impressed with your innovative and professional approach to agreements and relationships, while your competitors are still using out-dated tools.

Trato advantages

Effortlessly integrate an accurate and real-time automated workflow into your company’s reimbursement system. Process requests, run identification matches, and always be confident you are managing authorizations according to organizational policy.

Trato advantages

Seamlessly integrate a sophisticated contract workflow right into your e-commerce website and business. Register new clients, and manage approvals or requests with absolutely no stress and e-signatures that are fully legally compliant.

Trato advantages
Real Estate

Save yourself an incredible amount of your valuable time by adding our contracts e-signature to your lease agreements. Consider incorporating an electronic contract system into your own workflows to increase efficiency, organization, and to save time and money.


Trato uses Blockchainto manage contracts

Track Everything with Transparency

Trato brings you the best of contract management with highly effective blockchain technology. This enables the highest level of traceability. Each transaction is archived to a decentralized database to ensure 100% transparency to all parties involved

Easier with Blockchain

Track the latest version or find any document linked to a specific contract. Blockchain powers our technology to make document tracking effortless

Benefits of using the electronic signature of Trato

Reduce counterfeit risks

Electronic contracts that include a digital signature are more secure.

Sign documents from anywhere and every device

Electronically sign documents with few clicks from any device.

Reduce costs and times

With Trato you can send documents by email for signature and immediate return.

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A blockchain-based software in the cloud that simplifies contracts so companies have better control and traceability.

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