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Create, manage and analyze your electronic contractsfrom start to finish.

Trato helps you generate smart contracts securely through Blockchain Technology.

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From just signing your contracts or digital documents to automating all your contract management through blockchain technology.


Start signing digitally for free

Create a user and start signing for free with our different levels of electronic signature and have the status of each of your contractsStart signing


Automate the management of your digital contracts

Use and take advantage of Blockchain technology to check the traceability and transparency of your digital contracts. Automate your processes to speed up the workflow and guarantee maximum security in each one of them.

We give you 3 levels of shielding so that you have maximum security in your electronic contracts

With TRATO you can sign using a digitized path or through a video call signature, in addition to other options that you will have to shield your electronic contracts.

What are you waiting to create your contract and sign?

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Take advantage of new technologies like Blockchain and use them to your advantage

TRATO uses Blockchain, which means that you can have the traceability of each modification or action carried out in each of your contracts and you will be certain of the exact moment of said action.


Discover the best way to negotiate a contract

With the negotiation module you can speed up and give better control to all your contracts so that you can negotiate by clause or by declaration.

Trato módulo de negociación

Benefits of using the electronic signature of Trato

Reduce counterfeit risks

Electronic contracts that include a digital signature are more secure.

Sign documents from anywhere and every device

Electronically sign documents with few clicks from any device.

Reduce costs and times

With Trato you can send documents by email for signature and immediate return.

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It's simple and straightforward, start signing your documents with STARTER

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