Why did I receive a TREAT mail?

It is very likely that a company or lawyer has innovated with the use of the best technology in their contract process. This person has invited you to collaborate with a contract to conclude it in real time and with greater traceability.

What is TRATO?

TRATO is a tool in the cloud that facilitates the process of creating and managing contracts with the use of technology. With TRATO you can not only achieve the signature of your documents almost instantaneously but you will also have all the traceability of what happens with them so that nothing happens to you at all.

Is it possible to take all my hiring electronically?

Of course. In Mexico, for example, there is the Commercial Code which expressly states that: "In the acts of commerce and in the formation thereof, the electronic, optical or any other technology may be used.""No legal, validity or legal effects shall be denied. mandatory force to any type of information for the sole reason that it is contained in a DataMessage. "

Do I have to have my clients sign electronically to use TREAT?

No. TREATallows you to carry in a much more organized way the collection of contracts that you currently have or send the contracts to your clients so they can print them and sign them on paper. If you decide to sign them electronically, inTRATO you will be able to find electronic signatures of various types so that you can select the one that best suits your needs.

How is my information protected?

TRATO uses technologies that have recently entered the market and that is why we are the best option for any contract solution. For example, we protect your information by encrypting it and delivering the only keys to the people authorized to do so. Any third party that requires access must request the same from the owner. In the absence of such access, there is no way to find information since it is in a decentralized database and with the information disseminated in independent particles. The keys are the only ones that allow the information to be gathered into a single element that can be easily read by a human being.