Trato es la mejor alternativa a Docusign

Trato is a technological solution to manage contracts and sign electronically.

Firma Electrónica vs Firma Electrónica Avanzada

Do you currently use Docusign or any other signature tool that allows you to sign documents?

TRATO is a solution created by lawyers to help you deal with all the contract process and not only the electronic signature. Besides, our lawyer are legal tech experts that will help you to easily comply with your agreements and be aware of any associated risk.

Advantages of TRATO over Docusign

1. Customization

During the onboarding process, our lawyers will help you transform your manual legal process to an automated workflow based specifically on your needs, no learning curve required!

2. Multiple electronic signatures

Every client or supplier is different and will have access to all types of technology, so why should you only use 1 type of electronic signature?

3. Blockchain

Technology that clearly identifies a unique version of each contract and were you will be able to enhance its capabilities with automated payment, escrow or detailed traceability.

4. Digital file

That stores all the related versions, documents, attachments and keeps the information “alive”, by sending you alerts when needed.

5. Legal tech

Lawyers will be always available to support you for any inquiry you may have regarding technology and regulation based on your location or contract.

6. Multiple languages

That will make a unique experience to your clients or suppliers.

7. Templates

Created by lawyers on varied jurisdictions. If you need a unique template, we can even help you with that with an expert in the field and territory.

8. New features each week

Focused on helping you comply with your agreements

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TRATO vs competition

FeaturesDocusign CLMAgiloftCLM MatrixTrato
Monitoreo Revisiones / VoBos
Contract repository
Easy to use
Blockchain security
Post signature monitoring
Contract analysis

Reasons why you should use TRATO instead of Docusign, Adobe Sign or any other XSign software

Instead of using only an electronic signature software or a generic document repository, you are going to be completely covered by TRATO since our solution automates every step of the process and connects your contract to relevant data that will be notified to you when needed. It is liking having a lawyer 24/7 by your side!

Avoid risks and start using a solution made by & for lawyers!

Firma Electrónica vs Firma Electrónica Avanzada

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