Get legal support with a 100% digital experience.

Save high lawyer costs.

An innovative product focused on entrepreneurs where you can obtain all the advice and support on the legal documents necessary for the first years of your company.

Módulo Legal Advisor - Trato

The system will help you create contract templates that you reuse regularly and notify your customers or suppliers about important contract issues. Of course, after setting up your digital contracts, you can send them to an electronic signature and order all the information provided in a digital file. The extraordinary collaboration system will allow the entire team to participate and be aware of what is happening with the contract before sending it for signature and participate together throughout the life cycle of the contract.

What includes:
  • Basic smart contract editor
  • Work the contracts collaborating with your colleagues
  • Basic digital file
  • 2 master users
  • 5 templates configured by TRATO
  • Personalization with company logo
  • Support via email (
  • 500 GB of storage

Legal Advisor Module

The Legal Advisor module is the best tool to mitigate high attorney costs that occur in a startup and during the first years of creating your business. These first years usually require the participation of a lawyer to prepare all the necessary documentation to legally support all your operations. With this module, you have it solved!

What includes:
  • Preparation of ad-hoc business contracts (2 a month)
  • Legal advice through form or email (2 a month)
  • Processing of trademark registration application with the IMPI (1 a month)
  • Consulting support in the constitution of the company and monitoring of assemblies (2 a month)
  • Legal-tech consulting (2 a month)
*The scopes will be defined in a contract that will be signed later
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