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Termination of Labor Settlement, Individual Telecommuting Contract and more


Promissory note, Mercantile Commission for Sales, Pledge Contract and more


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SAFE, Convertible Notes, Investment Contracts

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When you start with your Starter Plan you can use our catalog of templates and adapt them, facilitating legal processes without the need for a lawyer.

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Expert advice, to your project or SME

Expert advice, to your project or SME

They can avoid many problems and help your company have a promising future with the basic documents that we offer you in your Starter Plan

Signature Quoter

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Single Payment
Shield 1 (S1)
Electronic signature with movement biometric capture;
Timestamp with exact date of registration, to establish a detailed audit trail;
Certificate that validates the participants' authorization.
Shield 2 (S2)
All benefits established for Shield 1;
Innovative electronic capsule that stores the documents with all attachments and evidence of the stakeholders;
Once signed, the file is encrypted with an electronic capsule in some cases, with Government validation (depends on your jurisdiction);
The contents of the electronic encrypted capsule can be used as evidence in any court of law;