Protect your company in the safest legal way. safest legal way.

Trato is a service based on blockchain. It is the number 1 solution that simplifies electronic contracts so that companies have better control and traceability.


Why trust us?

We have the most robust solution so that you have all the legal and digital protection in your contracts and electronic signatures. Global companies that use the platform and have had incredible results

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The advantages of using Trato

  • Contract management
    A solution designed for contracts that ensures robust control with innovation and legal support
  • Team of experts
    A specialized and knowledgeable team of technology in law that will take you by the hand in the transformation of your entire current process
  • Innovative technology
    Technologies proposed by lawyers and developed by crypto specialists that automate the process with international regulation in mind
  • Automated flows
    Automated flows, program people who have to give their approval or sign in order so that you save the time of sending the contract to the participants and TRATO does it alone
  • Customer Success
    A Customer Success team that will attend at any time to any questions you have about your process and contracts
  • Blockchain and Aritificial Intelligence
    TRATO incorporates technologies such as Blockchain and artificial intelligence to automate and close the signing and creation of contracts faster
  • Shielding levels
    Get up to 4 different levels of shielding in the electronic signature in your contracts from biometric trace, geolocation to signature by video call

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