Zoom integration

Integrate Zoom with your CLM! Use zoom meeting to negotiate yours documents


1. Enable Zoom integration

To enable Zoom you must go to your profile and within the integrations tab click on the gray button.

2. Allow the Trato app to be added to your account

You will now need to allow Trato to create Zoom meetings

3. Enable Zoom in your document

Select which document you want Zoom to be used on

4. Start the video call on Zoom

After sending the document for signature you can start the Zoom video call

5. At the end of the video call upload your video

At the end of the video call you will be asked to upload the video that was generated

6. At the end of the video call, proceed with the signing of the document

Once the video of the video call is uploaded, you can proceed with the signing of the document

7. Disable the integration

By clicking on active again you disable the integration

Need help?

Contact our support team.

Send an email to soporte@trato.io or if you are logged into your TRATO account, write us in the chat located in the lower left corner.

Remember that the response time is 1 hour, however, if there is a problem the final solution could take up to 12 hours depending on the complexity.